Yanping Street, Anping

About 10 minutes drive from the hotel, the oldest provincial street in Tainan and in Taiwan. Anping Street was the first street built by the Dutch; therefore, was also called “Taiwan Street”.
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Sio House

About 15 minutes drive from the hotel, located behind Sio God White Beach Park, about 3,559 square feet. Sio House was the original Anping Branch of Tainan of Monopoly Bureau of Taiwan Government and was later renamed “Anping Office of Tainan Branch of Monopoly Bureau of Taiwan” due to simplified organization. This was a very important gathering spot during the peak period of salt industry.
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Chihkan Tower (Fort Provintia)

About 10 minutes drive from the hotel, was the relics of Fort Provintia built by the Dutch. The early Han people called the Dutch “red hair”; thus, Chihkan Tower is also called Red Hair Tower. You can enjoy the most genuine Tainan cuisine in the surrounding areas after visit.

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Eternal Golden Castle

About 15 minutes drive from the hotel. Eternal Golden Castle was called “Anping Fortress” or “Erkunshen Fortress” and was built to fight Botan Tribe Incident, listed as Grade I historic relics. There is a Lin Mo-Niang Park near by, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset glowing gently on the surface of Anping Harbor.
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Anping Kaitai Matsu Temple

In the 23rd year of Kangxi Era, General Shilang had the House of Yiyuanzi, Prince Lingjing, rebuilt as “Grand Matsu Temple”. Since then, the Matsus in Luermen, Nangand, and Beigang wished to be covered by the ashes from Anping Matsu Temple. Therefore, when Anping Matsu Temple has a Peace Worship Ceremony, the Matsu statues from other temples join the ceremony. Other Matsu temples come and join geting together every year at Anping Matsu Temple for the event. Anping Matsu Temple is reckoned as the first Matsu temple in Taiwan. It takes about 3-minutes by walk from Yanping Street.
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Anping Canal Museum

Anping Canal Museum is original the Old Anping Customs, built in 1930. All commercial ships had to go through this customs in Japanese Era, which brought prosperity to the area then. To preserve history and develop the community, the City Government designated Old Anping customs as City Relics and had it renovated to become Anping Canal Museum that you see. Anping Canal Museum witnesses the international business history and the fishery industry development in Taiwan. It takes about 10-munite walk from Yanping Street to Anping Canal Museum.
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